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Arnold Classic 2007

arnold classic 2007

Размер: 360 MB (3% инфо для востановления)
Формат: rmvb, (RealVideo, DVD-rip)
Язык: English
Длительность: 2:07:04
Видео: 640x480

Watch Victor Richard soundly defeat "The Blade" Dexter Jackson, while Toney Freeman narrowly holds on despite a late-rounds challenge by Gustavo Badell. Mountains of muscle in this special 2-disc set containing three full hours of coverage!

The complete prejudging session plus all the action from the evening finals and a special acceptance speech from 6-time Ms. Olympia Cory Everson, as she is presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by the host and namesake of the contest.

Victor Martinez (1), Dexter Jackson (2), Toney Freeman (3), Gustavo Baddell (4), Phillip Heath (5), Silvio Samuel Saviour (6), Branch Warren (7), Ronny Rockel (8), Markus Ruhl (9), Vince Taylor (10), Mark Dugdale (11), Marcus Haley (12), Hidetada Yamagishi (13), David Henry (14), Sergey Shelestov (15), Luke Wood (16).


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